David Bowie Singing Beatles Acapella - Love Me Do (Bowie Impression)

Alright, just for fun here is my impression of David Bowie singing a Beatles song (Love Me Do)! I've heard for awhile that I do a mean Bowie impression, so I knew that sooner or later I would share this with the internet. If you like my Bowie impersonation, feel free to request other songs sung in the "Bowie" voice :) Enjoy!

Castlevania 3 Destiny Acapella

Here is my acapella rendering of Destiny from Castlevania 3. Hearing this makes me want to choose something--and fast! I'm going with Grant, then Alucard. Enjoy!

Alt-J (Δ) Breezeblocks Cover Acapella (One Man Choir)

Here is my a cappella cover of Breezeblocks by Alt-J! After all is said and done, I think this might be my favorite song I've covered! It sounds astoundingly good and is a wonderful approximation of the original song. A very special thanks to purevil89 for requesting this song and for being my very first Patron! Enjoy!

Zelda 2 House Theme Acapella

Here is my acapella cover of the House Theme from Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, one of my favorite games of all time! This game holds a special place for me, because it was the first Zelda game I ever owned. And the first a cappella video game song I posted came from it. Enjoy!

Muse Bliss Cover Acapella (One Man Choir)

Here is my acapella cover of the Muse song, Bliss! It's by far the most ambitious song I've undertaken. It was the hardest to record, sing, mix, shoot and render. But in the end, it was all worth it! And I was quite proud to cover an excellent song from one of my favorite bands, Muse. Enjoy!

Legend of Zelda Ganon Dungeon Theme Acapella

The Legend of Zelda on NES is my favorite video game of all time! And this is the riveting Dungeon or Death Mountain theme that was originally going to be for all of the dungeons, before they made a new theme for dungeons 1-8. It's still menacing to this day and conjures up worrisome images of wizrobes, endless mazes and frustrating traps. Enjoy!

Beatles Because Acapella (One Man Choir)

My cover of Because, a full acapella of a song from my favorite band, The Beatles!

Jaron Davis - Plain of Dreams Music Video

The official music video for Plain of Dreams, a Jaron Davis song Dark Forest.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Route 225 Night Acapella

An acapella rendering of the Route 225 Night theme from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, created based on a fantastic request from YouTube user noeandsomenumbers. I believe I outdid myself this time. Enjoy!

Radiohead No Surprises Acapella (One Man Choir)

An acapella cover of Radiohead's No Surprises, one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands of all time. Radiohead has been an immense influence on my music, and I'm delighted to pay vocal homage to this haunting tune.

Lux Aurumque with Jaron Davis and Lisa Gines

My cover of Eric Whitacre's Lux Aurumque with Lisa Gines. I discovered this wonderful vocal piece in college while in choir. And the insanely talented Lisa Gines agreed to sing it with me. Happy Christmas!!

Final Fantasy VI Wedding Waltz Acapella

My acapella of the Wedding Waltz from Final Fantasy 6, made per request of Ashes Wright. It was an excellent suggestion, and it was fun to record and listen to! Enjoy!

Deadliest of Them All - The Apple Grows - Jaron Davis

A Jaron Davis original called The Apple Grows, composed for Kelli Devon Ross's short film, Deadliest of Them All, a film that imagines the origins of the poisoned apple in the Snow White fairy tale. Fun fact: the chord progression for this song is the chord progression for the chorus of my song Dark Forest backwards! Enjoy!

Keane Atlantic Cover Song - Jaron Davis

This cover my cover of Keane's song, Atlantic, from the album Under The Iron Sea, set to a video of me trapped in multiple mirrors. Enjoy!