Jaron Davis is a musician who lives in Edwardsville, IL. His music can best be described as experimental rock. He also makes acapella songs. His various music projects and songs are listed below. Some of his strongest influences are The Beatles, David Bowie, Radiohead, The Beach Boys, The Smiths, Ryan Adams and Keane.

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The Dark Forest

Jaron Davis: Dark Forest
The Dark Forest is officially available as of 6-13-2012. It's available for sale on CDBaby and Amazon. Feel free to listen below!

The Dark Forest is a concept album based on one man's journey through a dark forest, and the frustrations and struggles he faces along the way. It is highly experimental lyrically and sonically with unifying "forest-like" lyrics and sounds. For instance, in Plain Of Dreams, the drum beat is composed entirely of sticks and trees of various sizes colliding, or frogs can plainly be heard as the backdrop of Animals. The songs and available downloads are listed below. I highly recommend "The Owl," "Dark Forest" or "The Fullest Picture!"

Older Tunes

Fishy Song   Full Version   Recording Details
Blackbird   Full Version   Recording Details
For You   Full Version   Recording Details
Paper Song   Instrumental   Recording Details
Cheese Song   Full Version   Recording Details

Other Experiments

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds   Instrumental   Recording Details
Because   Full Version   Vocals   Recording Details

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